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The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of the engineering sector. Production and distribution are constantly growing and demand is more prominent than ever for high quality goods. With this pressure comes the need for highly skilled, quality employees and streamlined processes.


Calm Inductions digital platform offers a comprehensive and thorough solution for manufacturing companies that are looking to save time and money when inducting staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors to site.

Efficiency is the key to improve and streamline exisitng paper based processes, our secure system allows your workforce to complete their induction remotely 24/7. Following the completion of initial inductions, senior members of staff are able to monitor the progress of new starters and ensure health and safety guidelines are understood.


The system can be tailored to your business and also be amended to follow your company guidelines, this is key in light of COVID.

If you’re looking to make your induction process paperless and follow the golden rules of safety, then contact Calm Inductions today.

Ready to save your company valuable time and money?

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