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Calm Inductions - The Site Induction Platform

Simplifying Your Business With Online Site Inductions

Saving your business time and money by making work inductions hassle-free with our online induction platform.

When your employees complete their site inductions prior to arrival, it helps to reduce hazards and increase site safety.


What we offer:

We deliver an efficient and easy-to-use online site induction platform that will transform your business onboarding process for employees or contractors. Send your inductions via email or text which are to be completed before arriving on site, allowing your visitors to get onto the site as soon as they arrive.

Calm Inductions can help deliver high-impact, interactive and engaging inductions to help ensure safety in the workplace for your employees and visitors.

mobile with induction software on the screen

Fully remote system for contactless access

Induct visitors and staff prior to them arriving with our contact-free solution.

We’ve made sure our online induction platform is mobile friendly to allow employees or visitors to complete their site inductions on any device at any time.

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Custom Data Collection ensures the platform is tailored for your needs

Collect the essential data you require from your employees to ensure safety on site. Our safety induction platform can make your induction process seamless

laptop with induction software on the screen

Secure control for your important documents

Store visitor and employee documentation, with alerts when the documents are due to expire.

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Automated Reminders to keep inductions valid

Receive reminders when inductions are due for renewal, keeping your staff safe and inductions up to date

Calm Inductions - Saving you time and money through online site inductions

Calm Inductions - Saving you time and money through online site inductions

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