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Online Induction Software

Calm Inductions is a 24/7 online induction system that helps simplify your business with digital inductions, thus saving your business time and money by making processes paperless and operations more efficient.

Suitable for your industry

Our online systems are designed to induct your employees, visitors and contractors with your bespoke induction instructions prior to them arriving at your premises or site.

With over twenty years experience in the industry, Calm Inductions have a proven track record in a variety of sectors, allowing us to offer each of our clients a bespoke service and system.

Built with safety at the core

In light of the recent pandemic and revival of the economy, we understand that processes have changed and continue to adapt to follow health and safety guidelines surrounding COVID-19. Our digital induction systems are designed to ensure employees and visitors are able to access sites with ease, reducing health and safety risks during this challenging time.

Features to aid efficiency

Instant Alerts

Alerts can be sent in real-time to users of the platform that have completed their induction, notifying them of any urgent update. This can be done from the manager's dashboard and sent to the user via email or SMS


Implementation of numerous languages to accommodate your users from other countries. This can be included on voiceover of your induction video and throughout the induction process

Fully Remote
Fully Remote

Induct your users online before they arrive with you, each user that has carried out their induction can be validated securely. We can implement various processes such as photo ID, sending a specific pin code via SMS and agreeing to Terms and Conditions confirming they have carried out the induction


We can help you create your Induction video, geting your message across to your users using easy to understand graphics and animation in line with your induction

Ready to save your company valuable time and money?

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