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Facilities Management

As facility management can be focused around anything from ensuring cleanliness to safety and efficiency of premises, it is vital that an effective induction process is in place. Managing a facility means you are accountable for making sure the environments are in a suitable condition to work and are in accordance with industry regulations.


Calm Inductions digital platform allows you to manage all of your data remotely, 24/7 to ensure a much more streamlined process within your business. You are able to keep records of your inductees for all of the facilities and premises that you manage online, removing the need for paper processes.


With the added strain of COVID 19 and standard requirements, it is essential that premises comply with health and safety guidelines. The Calm Inductions platform can be tailored to include standard and bespoke rules, ensuring contractors and visitors understand the policies prior to arriving at your premises.

Let Calm Inductions help you to deliver effective support services to your clients, by removing the inefficient process of manual inductions. 


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