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Online Induction for Facilities Management

The Calm Induction platform can help streamline your induction process, help with the maintenance of inductions and ensure everything is kept up to date.

Calm Inductions can help you create paperless inductions that are easy to follow, can be completed on any device and in any location. Easily invite new employees via a SMS or Email and then everything is over to the inductee to complete. Receive instant notifications when an induction has been complete with a copy of the induction pass so you know the new employee is ready to go.

By having employees arrive ready to start, you save time and therefore money as the employee can get started right away.

Create multiple sites all on one system allowing you to customise inductions depending on the site requirements, which still making them easy to complete for your employees. Monitor the induction process so you know what stage everyone is at without having to ask.

Maximising efficiency in the induction process can put your organisation a step ahead of others, by saving you time and money. Request a demo from the team.

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