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Manual inductions within the retail industry can be lengthy, not only in terms of time but also financially. Employee inductions can lead to an abundance of acquired paperwork, which without appropriate systems can easily get lost.


Calm Inductions digital platform removes the paperwork and recovers the lost time and cost, whilst ensuring a more efficient process. Our online tool allows store managers and HR managers to check employees have completed their inductions successfully and filled out relevant information that your company needs as standard.

The induction process can guide your staff around the workplace with a visual tour, introduce the management team and fellow work colleagues, provide them with an overview of the business, this will include key health and safety information and much more. 


Our bespoke platform can be tailored to your business and also be amended to follow your store guidelines, this is key in light of COVID.

If you’re on the market to find comprehensive, digital solutions that will make inducting retail employees more efficient and cost effective, then contact Calm Inductions today.


Ready to save your company valuable time and money?

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