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Online Induction for Retail Workers

Do you need a quick and easy way to induct staff into new shops and shopping centres? Site Inductions within retail can be a never ending task, why not remove all that retain induction paperwork and have new start arriving ready to go.

Completing inductions within the retail industry is a constant task. Employees come and go frequently so all that time spent on the induction process is often lost. By going for our online induction package, we can help reduce the manual hours that are spent inducting new employees allowing for the managers to do more important work within the organisation.

Calm Inductions has the solution. Our fully contactless online induction platform eliminates the need for group and face-to-face inductions.


Easily track your staff hours with our on site QR codes. With any smartphone, scan the QR code when you arrive on site and then again when you're about to leave. This gives the managers a clear method of tracking time, from any location and from any machine. 

Retail inductions are fully auditable and tractable. Changes to inductions can be made instantly and staff can be notified of these changes at a click of a button.

The Calm Inductions software allows store managers to check employees have completed the most up-to-date induction for their store, and view useful information such as next of kin, medical history and allergies.

You can test your employees through quizzes to test their understanding, so you can be sure they are competent when entering your store.

Request a demo, for a chance to see the platform in action.

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