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The fast paced nature of construction sites and the focus on health and safety means that site inductions need to be swift yet thorough. Traditional site inductions can be time consuming and also result in a wealth of paperwork for site managers. 


Calm Inductions digital platform eliminates the need for paperwork, ensuring a more streamlined system for your site. The process of ensuring workers are fully informed about your organisation, the operation of your site and also the individual's responsibilities can be digitally held on the Calm Inductions platform for management to review at any time. 

It is important to give your contractors sufficient time to digest any information, whilst prioritising and completing the induction prior to arriving or starting any work. There are strict guidelines for those working on construction sites in the UK which must be adhered to. Our platform will allow you to specifically add your own legal requirements for the business alongside standard rules. You can highlight specific guidelines to all staff on the tool to ensure all users are competent before they arrive on site.


You can include additional information to aid the induction process guiding your staff around the site with a visual tour and providing them with an overview of your business, this can include health and safety guidelines, COVID best practice and more. 

Save your contractors time and your business costs with a secure online induction platform and meet the golden rules of safety, contact Calm Inductions today.


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