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Online Induction for Construction

Ensure the safety of your employees with essential construction site inductions. Transition to online inductions to minimise hazards, mitigate risks, and enhance efficiency. By having individuals arrive on site already inducted, you can save time and money.

Calm Inductions has developed software that enables remote and efficient online inductions, ensuring comprehensive understanding of site rules and procedures for construction inductions. With our platform, you can easily configure custom inductions tailored to each specific site, providing a personalised and site-specific induction process. This allows visitors and employees to fully comprehend and comply with the necessary guidelines.

Since inductions can be completed from home, both visitors and employees can complete the induction in a more relaxed environment allowing them to review the information at their own pace.

Workers on site, erecting steel poles

Calm Inductions have recently introduced a sign-in / out system to our online induction software, helping you to track your workforce hours with site QR codes. Simply scan the QR code to sign in when you arrive at the site, and scan it again to sign out.

This enables the site alert feature, allowing messages to be sent via SMS and email to all employees currently onsite in case of an emergency, in just one click!

men working on site

Streamline the process of employee certification management by efficiently collecting and overseeing the required certificates and training. Our system ensures that employees possess the necessary certifications and stay up-to-date with their training obligations. With automated notifications, employees receive timely reminders for document renewal and inductions. This proactive approach ensures that certifications are renewed promptly, minimising any potential downtime and enabling uninterrupted access to the site.

Constructions site inductions

As a manager, overseeing multiple sites and handling various health and safety documents and paper inductions can be challenging. However, with the Calm Induction platform, site management becomes effortless.

Whether you're on the move or at your desk, you can conveniently manage all your sites with ease. The platform offers a secure cloud-based storage system that ensures instant access to information from any device. This enables you to monitor progress seamlessly, regardless of your location.

crane in front of blue and orange metal infrastructure

Request your demo today and say goodbye to the hassle of physical paperwork and embrace a streamlined approach to site management with the Calm Induction platform.

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