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Online Induction for Construction

For the safety of everyone, construction site inductions are essential for your employees to work safely. Take your inductions online to reduce hazards and risks, and save time and money by having people arrive on site already inducted.

Calm Inductions built software that allows you to conduct online inductions remotely and efficiently, whilst also ensuring your visitors and workers fully understand all site rules and procedures for a construction induction. Configure your own inductions to make each induction site specific, allowing for a customised induction process

Since inductions can be completed from home, visitors and employees can complete the induction in a more relaxed environment allowing them to review the information at their own pace.

Ask questions throughout the induction, meaning all visitors and employees have fully understood their site induction and are ready to start as soon as they get to site.

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Calm Inductions have recently introduced a sign-in / out system to our online induction software, helping you to track your workforce hours with site QR codes. Easily scan the site QR code when you enter the site to sign in and then scan the code again to sign out.

This enables the site alert feature, sending messages, via SMS and email, to all employees currently onsite at the click of a button should something have happened.

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Collect and manage employee certification to ensure everyone has the required certificates and is completing the required training in order to keep these certificates up to date. Employees will get notifications when documents and inductions need to be renewed. This is to make sure they get completed without the employee experiencing any downtime on being allowed onto the site.

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Maintaining multiple sites can be difficult as a manager, especially when managing multiple health and safety documents and paper inductions. With the Calm Induction platform, you can easily manage your sites on the go and have all of the information on hand no matter where you are. The secure cloud-based storage system allows for instant access from any device so monitoring progress is easy.

Request a demo, for a chance to see the platform in action.


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