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What is an Online Induction?

14th SEP 2022

An online induction is a great way to provide new employees, visitors and contractors with all the necessary information they require before they arrive. Online company inductions provide a great first impression, showing your new recruits or visitors they will be looked after and you care for their well-being. 


What does an Induction involve?

Online induction training can be quite hefty. The main topics that it includes are:

  • Company History
  • Culture and ethos
  • Code of conduct
  • Health and Safety
  • Employee responsibilities
  • In-house systems
  • Office walkthrough
  • Meeting with CEO and seniors

Online inductions can be a great way to provide people with only the essential pieces of information. Some of the main topics that are often covered are:

  • Company History 
  • Culture and ethos
  • Code of conduct
  • Employee / Employer Responsibilities
  • Meet the team
  • Health and Safety


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Calm inductions offers the ability to add videos, questions, text and images, allowing you to tailor your company inductions to ensure they deliver the required information without becoming repetitive and tedious.

Getting the balance right between the amount of text, videos and questions can help to balance out the information, ensuring the information is retained and the inductee is ready for arrival.

The onboarding process, as it’s commonly known, is the entire process of getting an individual to work. Through the use of an online induction, you can ensure the process is smooth from start to finish, helping to ensure your employees are safe and your company has a good reputation.


The importance of an online induction

It is becoming increasingly common for people to change jobs every few years. Optimising the induction process is essential so your business can remain efficient, no longer is it feasible for site managers to conduct all your inductions due to the loss of time and therefore money.

Every company is different, which is why it’s important to be able to customise your induction platform to meet your needs. Whether that’s in the form of customised data collection, or a tailed induction, having the right platform can really help improve the onboarding process.

By moving the induction process online, it allows for your business to invest the lost time into other areas of the company while also providing your inductees with all the information they need. It also allows the inductee to complete the induction within their own comfort zone, which often helps with remembering the information.


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Who needs an induction programme?

It is advised that everyone should undertake some kind of induction, no matter how small they may be. It acts as a type of ice breaker when introducing procedures and ethos to new employees and allows them to ask questions to ensure they fully understand what is expected of them.

Business benefits of effective online inductions

  • An online induction has many benefits for your company as well as your inductees. Some of the main benefits include:
  • Saving Time, and therefore money
  • Increase the level of respect
  • A more relaxed workforce
  • A safer and more comfortable work environment


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The benefits of using Calm Inductions

Using the write induction platform can be key, ensuring the system is easy to use for both the management team and the inductees is essential. 

That’s where Calm Inductions can help, our focus has always been simplicity while also offering the functionality that is required for an online induction system. We like to work with our customers to ensure the platform is exactly what they need. The Calm Inductions platform is fully mobile responsive, allowing inductees to complete their inductions on any device in any location.

By allowing you to customise the data that you gather, tailor your induction based on location or employee role, we can really help ensure the information is relevant to each inductee and that no time is wasted.

Calm Inductions also comes with many other benefits which can be found in our features section (attach link) which can help with other aspects of running your business.


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Contact us Calm Inductions and book a demo to see how to deliver your inductions the correct way in order to ensure that all new employees understand your business, have effective induction training, and are up-to-date and covered for all health and safety requirements.

If you need to know what you should include for a new induction, take a look at our new employee checklist

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