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What’s it about?

Calm Inductions is a 24/7 online induction system that helps simplify your business with digital inductions, thus saving your business time and money by making processes paperless and operations more efficient. 


The Calm Inductions system was created over five years ago when our parent company Calm Digital understood there was a demand for online induction software. The digital induction platform was initially developed as a product, however, over recent years we have found that the commercial market is increasingly looking for efficient business solutions, including online inductions for all industries.

As a business we have decades of experience in the industry, we understand that there can be a solution for everything online and this can be catered for, for every sector. Initially Calm Inductions was very much just bespoke online induction systems, however now the features of our software solutions are much more advanced. We are able to ensure your business and workers are adapting online with COVID guidelines, that site inductions and documentation is up to date online for all to see and much more.

To date Calm Inductions are working in Oil & Gas, Construction, Retail and Education to name a few sectors. But for all we are delivering efficient and easy to use online induction software 24/7.

ISO 9001 Accredited

We are proudly committed to the highest quality standards of delivery and maintaining our ISO 9001 status.

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