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What is our Site Induction Platform?

Calm Inductions is an online site induction platform that helps simplify your onboarding with digital inductions. Save time and money by making the induction process easier for everyone.


More about Calm

The Calm Inductions system was created over five years ago to make the induction process easier. It is an online and site specific induction software created by our parent company, Calm Digital. We have developed a bespoke online induction platform that meets the needs of all our customers. Our extensive knowledge within the software industry has enabled us to create a site induction platform that is both simple and effective.


As a company, Calm Digital believes there can be an online solution for any issue. An online site induction platform is no different. Delivering digital inductions online to employees and contractors through the use of email and SMS whilst designed to be user friendly and fit for mobile devices. 

The Calm Induction's online site inductions platform can be accessed by everyone.

As we have advanced and gained more experience within the digital induction industry we have also been able to develop many more additional features to ultimately save your business time and money.

We can help you reduce hazards and risks for your new employees or visitors when they arrive on site. Contact us today to find out how!

ISO 9001 Accredited

We are proudly committed to the highest quality standards of delivery and maintaining our ISO 9001 status.

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