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Online Education Induction

Completing an induction within the education sector is an essential part of the process. Ensure your new personal have the required certificates before arriving on site to ensure the organisation complies with regulations.

An online induction is critical for ensuring the safety and compliance of all individuals who work or visit the school grounds. It serves as a comprehensive guide, familiarising employees, contractors, visitors, and volunteers with critical procedures and policies for maintaining a secure/safe environment.

It is now possible to efficiently administer and conduct inductions for various personnel, such as teachers, employees, contractors, and visitors, prior to their arrival on-site, by utilising an online education induction. With Calm online inductions, all documents are secured safely on the cloud available to download when needed and with our QR sign in/out system you can keep track of everyone whos on site. 

With Calm Inductions, the process of specifying and managing required documents for your inductees becomes effortless and streamlined. You can customise the list of documents that people need to submit for their induction using this user-friendly platform. The customisation is based on the specific requirements of your institution.

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Through an intuitive interface, you can easily define the necessary paperwork, such as identification, certifications, licenses, and other relevant documents. Inductees can then conveniently upload these documents directly to the platform. Save files securely in the cloud for easy access and retrieval by authorised personnel at any time.

Cloud storage allows remote access to documents, eliminating the need for physical paperwork or manual handling. This accessibility extends to both desktop and mobile devices, enabling efficient document management even on the go.

With Calm online education Inductions, you can maintain a comprehensive record of all inductees' documentation, ensuring compliance with organisational policies and industry regulations. Our induction software automates tasks freeing up your team to focus on other important tasks.

It also ensures a smooth and organised onboarding process for new employees. Embracing Calm Inductions enhances efficiency, promotes compliance, and contributes to a positive onboarding experience for all stakeholders involved.

View, monitor, accept or deny any documentation that doesn't meet your requirement, with instant notifications to the inductee with the reason as to why the document has been rejected.

Contact Calm Inductions today, for the reassurance that when new employees and guests arrive, they have been pre-screened and are secure to access the building.

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