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Know who is arriving and the vehicle they're driving before they even get there with Calm Induction passes.

Online inductions in the transport industry are a great way to properly prepare your new hires for their new position, before they arrive on site. This makes your job and theirs job that much easier.

Arriving on site with an already completed induction can significantly save time and optimise company performance. Embracing a paperless approach and securely storing information on the cloud can significantly save time, optimise company performance, and enhance the transport induction process for new hires.

By eliminating the need for physical documents and relying on digital files, organisations can reduce costs, improve accessibility, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Remote access to employee data ensures seamless day-to-day operations, while cloud-based resources facilitate quick familiarisation with company processes for new employees. Adopting digital technologies offers numerous advantages, creating a more efficient and eco-friendly work environment.

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Trucks parked up on site

During the induction process, there are several essential pieces of information that can be collected to streamline site access. One such crucial detail is the vehicle registration plate. Integrating the vehicle registration plate into the site pass allows for a seamless and efficient arrival process.

When the vehicle arrives at the gatehouse, the pass with the registered plate information can be promptly presented, providing all the necessary data for quick verification. As a result, the vehicle can smoothly enter the site with minimal interference, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both visitors and staff alike. Embracing this efficient approach not only saves time but also enhances overall site security and operations.

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