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Document control

With our technology, you will be able to control your documents, allowing you to automate your operating procedures using workflows. This helps you manage critical documentation more securely and efficiently.

The manual ways of managing documents aren't needed in the digital environment. Whether you use document control software on your premises or in the cloud.

Documents should always be controlled and accessed by only the right people.

When audit time comes around, you will be able to instantly access the digital storage of your documents, helping you organize the material that is required promptly.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Using an electronic training module allows you to automatically assign content/compliance-based training by job title and produce training reports for auditors with the touch of a button.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Overhead

Using a document control system enables your organization to lower overhead costs through several benefits. Your business will save time by not having to deal with manual, paper-based processes. With employees free from having to chase documents through workflows, they will get their day back and deliver efficiency through work instead of stagnating productivity. You'll also see the cost-saving benefits of sustainability – with paper out of the picture, you'll save on ink and all products related to paper processes.

Improve Quality Management Processes

Document control software ties together your quality processes – making them traceable and reportable so that decision-makers can identify both efficiencies and areas for improvement. Additionally, your SOPs, policies, and other quality processes better adhere to regulations while you manage change control and incidents.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based version allows for seamless uptime in the event of a disaster, and you keep peace of mind knowing your critical business data remains secure. There is no risk of physically losing documents, and your employees maintain access to files should a cyberattack or natural disaster occur.

Automate Manual Document Workflows

Streamline reviews, approvals, distributions, retrievals, and obsolescence processes for documents. You will gain revision control and revision history tracking while being able to enforce document standards.

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