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Renewable energy

Here at Calm Inductions, we know that renewable energy is only going to continue to grow as we move to a more sustainable future. Specialist wind, solar and battery storage technology, both on and off shore premises need to continue to be as effective as possible.  With government sustainability targets ever increasing, it has never been more imminent to streamline processes at your onshore premises as well as offshore.

Making sure that everyone present on your premises has been fully inducted systematically and effectively, leaves you to continue to run operations with no issues. Complying with EU directive and associated UK regulations such as (BOSIET). Working in such a high-risk environment, we understand how important Health and Safety compliance is to renewables premises. 

Multiple Solar panels in in field

Inductions to work in the renewables industry can be lengthy, so evolve your inductions process to keep up with an ever-changing industry, using a completely online platform, eradicating the need for paper, whilst ensuring the safety of your employees and contractors. 

offshore windmills

Looking to streamline inductions to ensure the safety of your premises and follow the golden rules? Then contact Calm Inductions today.

Workers working on solar panels

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