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Oil & Gas site inductions can be time consuming and lengthy, at times taking up to 1 day for you to get your employees, visitors and contractors up to speed on your company and site specific safety procedures, allowing them to complete the work accurately and safely.

The Calm Inductions solution platform not only allows you to induct your users remotely but it also ensures you are able to see whether your employees or contractors key qualifications are valid. Such as Offshore Survival and MIST.

As a business we understand that health and safety is integral within the oil and gas industry and appreciate that COVID-19 has created further safety guidelines for companies to adhere to. Our online induction tool is designed to save you time, money and put the safety of your crew first.

If your business is looking to streamline processes efficiently for digital site inductions and offshore safety inductions, meet the golden rules of safety, then contact Calm Inductions today.

Ready to save your company valuable time and money?

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