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Medical and Pharmaceutical Inductions

The medical and pharmaceutical industries are constantly changing, making it extremely important for inductions to be easily updated in order to adhere to the changes in laws and regulations.

Inducting both medical and pharmaceutical employees can be time consuming and labour intensive. A manual induction process can slow down the speed at which healthcare professionals can be on the front line.

Here at Calm Inductions, we can help to get your workforce and visitors on site and ready to go. Remote, easy-to-complete pharmaceutical site inductions can help to take the stress out of inductions while also making it a lot easier to manage for your organisation.

rows of medical staff in a factory

Health, social care and other medical staff can complete their induction online at home or at work. That means nurses, doctors, receptionists, cleaners and pharmacists can be ready to work without the need for a lengthy health and safety group or face to face induction.

Easily track the progress of your inductions while also being able to collect essential documentation to ensure your employees have the required qualifications. 

medical staff identifying medication

Receive instant notifications when documents and inductions are due to expire, meaning your workforce can keep everything up to date and focus on doing their jobs.

Managers can fully track inductions ensuring employees have completed the latest version relating to their site of work.

Request a demo, for a chance to see the platform in action.

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