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New and improved Online Inductions

13th SEP 2021

Our fantastic online induction platform is designed to induct your employees, visitors, contractors and suppliers with a bespoke induction. This could potentially make the process fully remote, saving time, staffing costs, improving record-keeping and ensuring compliance especially given the current situation. The platform has a check-in/check-out system using QR codes, it can send alerts via email or SMS and collect data securely. The platform is completely flexible and can be tailored to your business needs.

How does the system work?


The appropriate manager or assigned member of staff will invite contractors/visitors to take an induction, they do this from the systems online dashboard. The inductions will cover the site and will communicate essential information. A text message or email will be sent to your contractor/visitor. Videos can be added to the site if required. The platform allows employees, visitors and contractors to upload certificates, company insurance details and vehicle registration numbers, ensuring they have the necessary experience and qualifications to work in certain areas or on specific equipment. When these certificates, licenses expire a message will be sent to renew them. 


Each fortnight we will be going into details of our features and how they can benefit your business, of course if you can't wait till then please contact us. Alternatively, request a demo which will show you how the platform works and how we can make the induction process more efficient, saving time and money.



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