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Four ways to improve your employee site induction process

1st JUL 2022

First things first, what is an induction 

When a new employee starts, the employer will give training so that they can learn their new role quickly and easily. 

Site Inductions are carried out in order to introduce new employees, and sometimes current employees into new aspects of your organisation. It’s a chance to give out valuable information to allow the employee to understand the role without overwhelming them. Bear in mind, that this is a legal requirement and must be completed.

The main areas that might be included in an induction checklist:

  • Meet the team
  • Code of conduct
  • Company Ethos / Values
  • Employee Responsibilities 
  • Health and safety

If your induction is a site specific induction, it’s also common to include:

  • Site tour
  • Highlighting Safety zones / smoking areas / carparks 
  • Evacuation Procedures 
  • Site Map 


The importance of induction training

In many works of life, employees and contractors come and go at an ever increasing rate. That’s why it’s more important than ever to induct new employees as quickly as possible without losing any quality on their induction.

Why Calm Inductions?

Using Calm Inductions you will be able to effortlessly deliver safety information to new employees and maintain current employees effectively and efficiently. Calm Inductions' online induction software has a number of advantages to help your organisation during the induction process.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Saving time and therefore cost effective
    • Inducting new employees manually takes time, time your managers could use elsewhere to improve your organisation. By using Calm Inductions and going online, inductees can complete inductions at home in their own time and then start work straight away when they arrive on site.
  • Reduce your turnover
    • If an employee feels valued, they are more likely to stay within your organisation. Showing them you care by providing them with an online induction package can really help build the relationship between yourselves and your employees.
  • Employee Confidence
    • By completing the induction in their own time, employees can take the extra time they need to really understand what they are reading or watching. Allowing them to turn up on the first day confident in what role they will play and the job they are expected to do.

Calm Inductions allows for generic company inductions as well as site specific inductions, allowing you to first introduce your organisation and then provide key information about the site the employees will be working on.

1. Keep it simple

Inductions should be simple, only provide the information that is 100% required. Employees only need to know the key fundamentals in order to operate effectively within your organisation. The aim is to get them safely on site as quickly as possible.

By using Calm Inductions we can help deliver all the essential information through a variety of methods, including text, images, videos and questions. The ability to convey the information in a different way can help keep the inductee engaged, meaning the information is taken in more effectively. Asking questions throughout the induction can be a great way to reinforce what the text/images/videos are trying to convey and ensures the inductee has understood each section.

2. Remember your work culture

Work culture can play a huge role in reducing employee turnover, if employees feel comfortable and that they belong at your organisation then they will have no reason to leave.

Starting this culture early can further enforce this. Inductions need to be taken seriously but don’t be afraid to show what type of company you are, using warm and encouraging phrases can help emphasise the employee's importance, while also conveying important messages, this can help them understand what is expected of them but also help them to feel welcomed before they start.

3. Maintain your inductions

Inductions can take time, completing inductions on arrival on the first day can often result in them being rushed and information being forgotten about. It’s important to give people enough time to understand the information you're providing.

Maintaining inductions is equally important, asking employees to reconduct after a set amount of time can help to ensure they understand everything and refresh their memory on key areas and information. Sites are forever changing, and therefore the induction should too, frequent checks and resits on inductions can help keep your employees informed and up to date with the latest developments.

4. Go paperless

Paper inductions often get filed away, forgotten about, and then lost when you need them, leaving you in a tricky position should something happen and you need to provide evidence of a completed induction.

By swapping to an online induction platform, such as Calm Inductions, monitoring and maintaining your inductions becomes a walk in the park. Find all the key information you need from anywhere at any time. Calm Inductions uses cloud based storage keeping your information safe and secure while accessible. You can easily export all the data you have gathered, allowing you to store offline copies should you require it.

Online inductions also enable your inductions to be completed by the inductee before they arrive, even reducing face to face time. Speeding up the onboarding process and therefore reducing your costs in the long term.

If you have any more questions about how to keep your inductions simple and effective and how we help, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can provide you more information!  

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