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QR codes

Everyone on-site needs quick access to a site induction. By using the camera on their mobile phones, workers can scan a QR code that loads the site induction to be completed paperless.

Generate a unique pass with a code that proves completion of induction to security personnel upon entering your site.

Ensuring the security of a workplace and everyone in it has long been a priority for most managers. That has historically been achieved by a manual registration system where employees, contractors and visitors sign in as they enter the site and then sign out on leaving. In that way, the presence of everyone was always known and, as a result, safety and security were improved.

The situation has been changing over recent years as the process has become more automated. However, this has still generally required people to touch screens or keypads, which has health issues that have been emphasised recently by the spread of COVID-19. As a result, contactless sign-in is on the increase and is the answer to many challenges that have arisen from the virus.


Eliminate paper inductions:

Workers and site visitors can access dynamic hazard information by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera.

No app needed:

QR code forms are accessible to anyone at any time, simply by using your phone camera.

Feel secure on site:

Informed and notified in real-time.

Conduct pre-starts with ease:

Attach QR codes to vehicles and mobile plants so drivers can complete checks specific to their vehicle type.

Knowledge as a tool:

Include safe use procedures in the QR code forms so drivers can refer back to these at any time.

Know who is safe on the road:

Organisation administrators are notified when a form is submitted and a vehicle is in use.

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