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Send messages over SMS and Email to your inductees and site visitors to keep them updated while on site.

This kind of system allows for real-time, effective communication to inform personnel of information related to events they care about.

The alerts system allows you to send messages across either email or SMS ensuring that the messages reaches all the required personnel.

By increasing the number of channels the platform can notify employees through, the notification becomes more visible to the end-user, ensuring they see the alerts.

● Email / SMS
Send alerts through email and SMS, organizations can easily send out alerts to employees/visitors onsite or offsite. This helps cut down costs that involve too much hardware, material waste, time, and effort.

● Send to Groups
Managers can easily create group alerts for employees, visitors and other members. This makes it easier if you need to send out daily alerts to a batch of people.

●​ On-site alerts
On-site alerts allow you to only send alerts to the employees and visitors who are onsite, this means you no longer have to send out a mass alert to everyone.

● Central communication point
Make calm your central communication point, making it easier for managers to send out alerts at any given time, let's say that weather can place employees in a dangerous situation. extreme rain or snow can cause incredibly risky driving conditions for employees on their way to work.

It’s imperative to have a solution in place that quickly and securely notifies staff when these situations occur and how to handle them.

● Alerts across multiple sites

Although you have access to send onsite alerts only, we know that sometimes you might need to send out multiple site alerts. This could be an alert about company news, or employee updates etc.

● Alert History
Not sure what alerts have already sent? Don't worry you can keep track of any alerts that have already been sent, you can digest this by looking at it daily or monthly.

But, what are the benefits?

We believe that all operations should be quick, efficient and productive. That;s why our alert system isn't restricted and is open to the future of communication, using only one device.

Not only will this save you time on manual work, but it will also help you save money by allowing you to concentrate on the most important tasks that help the company grow.

Quickly access employee/visitor data.

Looking through records to find visitors/employees details? We know the feeling and stress of trying to find someone that you need to contact.

With Calm Inductions, you can quickly access employee/visitor details like the name, email and contact number, all under one system.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient induction program, speak to one of our account managers or request a demo today.

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