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Mobile responsiveness

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We know that not everyone has access to a computer, or the time available to be able to sit at a desk and complete an induction. We, therefore, made sure our platform was mobile responsive, allowing your employees to complete their inductions on the go on any device.

With mobile being a resource that is available to everyone, learning with a device is more of an essential requirement than ever these days. Nearly two-thirds of people learning, find accessing the training content from a mobile device necessary. Companies falsely assume that their training caters to the needs of every employee when they rely on in-office learning, ie desktop devices, even if it is one of the online variety. The all-purpose approach fails to take into account the convenience of learning on the go, not to mention the flexibility of our mobile app.

Mobile training allows for training on smaller screens, so the on-demand access to information may be less conventional. However, the availability at the worker's point-of-need improves engagement and interaction.

In addition, through the use of our powerful online training platform, it's easy to implement mobile-ready training to smartphones and tablets via our induction platform

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