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Staff and Visitor Sign-in System

Calm Inductions allows you to track time on site through our QR code sign-in system. This feature allows you to ensure that only the people who have completed their site inductions can scan their unique QR code and get on site.

Setting up a digital QR system can be a complex and expensive process. Getting people safely signed in can be challenging, depending on the site.

Do they have to report to the reception area, a gatehouse, or just an office to sign in? Have they completed their site induction and have all the required paperwork?

These are all frequently asked questions; fortunately, Calm Inductions is here to help implement an effective employee QR code and sign-in system.

Employee holding an iPad at a construction site

Calm Inductions has made the process as simple and efficient as possible. When linking with our induction platform, you will have the option to receive sign-in records when your staff arrive on-site through the use of a QR code link.

Similarly, you could print out the generated QR code from your dashboard and position it at the entrance of your facility. Your visitors and employees can then scan this QR barcode using their mobile phones, and you will receive an instant record of the time they have signed in.

Site Managers can keep track of who is on-site through the Inductions' manager dashboard, allowing them to receive up-to-date reports of who is online. When the QR scanner is activated, it will enable users to sign in and out of work sites from their phones, fixed terminals or both.

Site managers discussing site plans

To sign in, employees and visitors must have completed all site inductions required to operate safely on-site.

You can ditch those old visitor books and use any browser, tablet or phone and turn it into an effective management system; this allows you to verify users' exact time spent at a worksite when reviewing their timesheets.

The system enables managers to send mass alerts to inductees on the site via email or SMS, allowing for quick and effective communication during emergencies.

If you have any questions or want to see a demo of how our onboarding platform works, contact us today and start your journey with Calm Inductions.

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