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Sign in/sign out

The Calm Inductions platform comes with a sign-in/sign-out feature allowing users of the platform to track their time on the site, making it a simple process for any organisation to see who is on your site.

Setting up an electronic sign-in/sign out a system involves a lot of options and pathways. Depending on your workplace environment and the number of workplace sites or facilities you might have, there's a variety of different types of electronic visitor sign-in systems and approaches you might implement.

What kind of entry point does your staff pass through at the site / in the workplace? Is there a reception area? A muster point? A gatehouse entry? You'll need to establish how your staff are coming in on-site and how you want them to sign in.


Here at Calm Inductions, we have made it as easy as possible to sign in staff / visitors as they arrive on site. Either sign in via the platform or using any mobile camera, via a QR code. 

More on our QR codes can be found here


Managers can keep track of who is on-site through the manager dashboard, giving them up to date reports of who is online. When activated it will allow your inducted users to sign in and out of worksites from their phones, from fixed terminals or from both.

You can use any browser, tablet or phone into a sophisticated time clock machine, to verify users exact time spent at a worksite when reviewing their timesheets.

The system also enables managers to send mass alerts to inductees who are on the site either via email or SMS, which allows for quick and effective communication during emergancies.


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