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5 Ways to Improve Your Employment Induction Process

22nd SEP 2023

An onboarding process is crucial when hiring new starters for your company. The induction process is specifically designed to help employees adapt to their new job roles.

If the onboarding runs smoothly and is easily accessible, your employees are more likely to assimilate quicker, allowing for higher quality work to be accomplished in the long run. However, if your process is not up to the standard that is required, then it is more likely that any new starters will have a disadvantage compared to the alternative.

As a result, it is essential to take your onboarding process as seriously as you would take any other aspect of your role as a manager. There are a variety of different methods to use when creating a successful induction. From instilling your company's core values to outlining what you expect from this particular job role, here are our top 5 tips designed to help you improve your inductions.

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Create a Checklist

Back in the day, it was always a case of remembering all of the induction details when training a new employee; nowadays, however, we have technology at our fingertips. With the help of a 3-page, or longer, depending on what is required, word document, you can easily outline everything that you would have previously had to rely on your memory for.

When creating this checklist, you should note the pre-start requirements, such as email and computer setup. Additionally, you should also outline the first week of employment and what is expected of a new starter; this may include training sessions and an overall review of your company and the subsequent job role.

Although this may seem like a lot of time and work to create, it needn't be overcomplicated. Here are just a few of the basic points that need to be included in your future checklists:

  • Safety Procedures
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Workplace Layout
  • Introductions
  • Employee Expectations
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Discuss Company Values

Every company has its own mission and values that are solely unique to them, which is why it is important to instil these particular values into your new employees within the first few weeks if not days. You may find that new starters have a whole host of different questions for you, especially about your company's values.

To prepare, you should devise a coherent document, whether that be a Google document, a blog article, or a web page. This will help you answer any potential questions and provide your new starter with a deeper insight into the inner workings of your business.

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Outline Expectations

Although you may have spoken about what this particular role entails in the initial interview, it is important to go into greater depth once your new starter commences employment. Your new employees' understanding of these expectations and policies is integral to your company's success. An example of this would be regarding paid leave.

If you have a policy that focuses on booking holidays or leave in advance, then it is vital that you explain this clearly and concisely. There may be specific situations where written copies of these expectations and policies may be useful. Regardless, you should never assume that your new starter is aware of any of this prior to starting their employment.

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Regular Follow Ups

Completing all required inductions is crucial for any new starter; however, it is still necessary to regularly make time to catch up with them to ensure that they are settling in and feel confident in their chosen role. As a result, you should start to schedule one-to-one meetings as often as you, the employer, believe is necessary for your employee.

Consistent communication is vital within the first few weeks of employment. Additionally, the new starter needs to be allowed to voice any concerns that they may have had since beginning their new role.

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Blended Learning

Whether you're a new starter or a long-standing site manager, everyone knows just how important it is to complete any outstanding training as part of your online onboarding process. We know that this can become time-consuming and even a tad tedious at times, which is why more and more businesses are beginning to switch to alternative blended learning.

This new approach mixes both system-led training, as well as on-the-job training. As a site manager, this new method will help you to track any online inductions or registrations, store important data and reports, and send emails/SMS reminders to any employee who has outstanding training that the employer is waiting to sign off on.

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In conclusion, the benefits that come with streamlining your induction process far outweigh any possible disadvantages.

For one, it is the most effective way to ease any new employees into both your company and their new position within it. An improved induction process can provide them with the confidence and skills that they need to excel at their tasks and responsibilities, and it gives the employer peace of mind, knowing that everything is running as it should be.

Are you looking for an online induction platform that will enable you to deliver successful training to your new employees? Or are you more interested in improving upon what you already have? If so, why not book your very own demo with Calm Inductions and save yourself the hassle of managing piles and piles inductions.

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