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How Can You Improve Work Safety Culture?

28th OCT 2022

Work safety culture encompasses everything from attitudes and practices to goals and behaviours; it influences everything that happens in a particular workplace, such as ways to report problems and the responses those reports receive, how people are trained on safety, and the regular communication between management and employees.


Why Create Safety Awareness?

Creating an environment of safety awareness is important for the safety of you and others around you. Safety Awareness can be improved through an induction process, which is a way to make sure that new employees are aware of the company's rules and regulations. These new employees will then go on to improve the work culture by creating a safe workplace for themselves and those around them. Safety training can be accomplished through a well-structured workplace induction.


Where hazards exist, remember PPE

Whether you're new to the workplace or are a seasoned pro, it's important to be mindful of safety awareness. Hazards and risks exist in every environment, but when they are not properly monitored and considered, they can become deadly. Make sure to remember PPE (personal protective equipment), hazard awareness, and always ask questions if there is an element of uncertainty.



A Team Approach Is Key

The team approach to safety is key when it comes to safeguarding workers in the workplace. Employers, coworkers, and managers need to come together as one unit in order to maintain a safe working environment for themselves and their co-workers. With the addition of an induction for new employees that teaches hazard awareness, an organisation can foster a work culture that prioritises safety. Poor safety culture will lead to accidents because people won't look out for each other.



Follow Industry Standards

It is important to introduce everyone on the work site to health and safety concepts and what is considered an industry standard induction. An induction should cover both hazard awareness and safety culture. Once all employees know the dangers that exist in their environment, they can act appropriately and create a safer work site.


Ask Questions Before Working

Safety is something that we should all be cognisant of, especially when it comes to working. This is why many companies require new employees to complete an induction before they start their job. An induction is a formal introduction to what the company does and how employees are expected to behave while they're working.

One of the questions asked during an induction will often be what your personal safety awareness is like, which can have a significant effect on work safety culture. One question may be: Do you always wear your hard hat? Your response might be the areas and zones where a hard hat is mandatory, such as areas with overhead operations, and where you don't need one, such as the break room.


Enforcement of safety concepts

Safety awareness is key for all employees, but especially for new hires. One way to start off on the right foot is by taking an induction into the workplace. Remembering PPE and safety alerts are just a few of the things you will learn during this time. It may seem like common sense to those already working at a company, but it's important to have a safety culture in place that everyone can follow and adhere to.



Invest in the Right Equipment & Training

Investing in Induction software for your site safety induction is a great way to make your business safer for you, your staff, and any visitors you have to your workplace. It provides detailed guidance on the industry standard induction techniques that help ensure all employees know how to work safely. Providing an induction will also make new employees feel valued and excited to get started with their new job.

Inductions are short interactive sessions where new employees are inducted into their role.


Everyone Onsite Should Be Educated

Workplace hazards may seem like common sense and can be easy to brush off. But, in the long run, it will only get you so far. Hazard awareness is important for your safety and that of those around you.

You need to learn about what your responsibilities are when it comes to working safety culture. Remembering PPE is key, because once something does happen you need to be able to put on gear before worrying about anything else.



The Management commitment:

Lastly, a business has a responsibility to create and maintain an environment of safety awareness. Companies also need to promote a work safety culture that encourages employees to report concerns and beliefs when incidents are prevented as well as reporting when injuries or illnesses do occur. If something seems unsafe, tell someone for continuous improvement of the workplace



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