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Add Multiple Locations

Our multi-location feature helps the management team across multiple locations, such as multiple franchises, fast-food outlets, retail chains, construction sites, and even doctors or other medical professionals that work across multiple sites.

Managing multiple locations is normally a hassle for management as the number of employees and locations can become overwhelming and certain employees' schedules could potentially accidentally overlap at more than one location at a time becoming very difficult for management to manage all of these factors without an extremely organized process.


Our solution can easily solve the hassles of using multi-locations, all under one account. This solution allows users to view these multiple location schedules separately or altogether, with the click of 2 buttons. Making it faster and more effective for businesses who require multi-location.

This is accessible through our cloud-based system rather than having to use and search for papers. This helps management and teams across all locations stay connected on any updates or conflicts and prevents conflict across multiple time zones.

But isn't it costly?
Several different induction platforms charge per business location, here at Calm Inductions we allow you to set up as many locations as you require, all under one price plan.

Using calm inductions give employers full visibility into what employees are currently working, late, or set to work at each of their locations without physically being at each one. This is very useful for larger businesses with several locations across the country and/or the world.

You can also see how our other solutions also allow users to structure their business with different areas of work, roles, or daily activities, which can be useful for a company with many roles, departments, or long-term projects.

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