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Multiple Site Management

Calm Inductions helps make managing multiple sites easy. Track and monitor details and information from across all your sites from one dashboard.

The day to day running of site management can be tricky enough, without having to travel to multiple locations to make sure everything is in order. Ensuring everyone has completed their inductions, storing data and managing renewals can be a forever ending and increasingly difficult job.

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Calm Inductions helps manage that for you. During the site induction process, we collect your employees data, along with documents you require and store them safely and securely in the cloud.

We monitor all expiry dates so that you don't have too, sending reminders to the management team and the employee themselves should a document or induction be due for renewal. This not only keeps everyone on site safe but allows gives time back to the managers to allow them to do more important aspects of their job.


Sites can come and go quickly, which is why we gave you the ability to add / remove sites at any time and quickly send out any inductions that need to be completed before the site opens.

If your a manager of multiple sites and want to know more, contact the team today

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