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Do you have multiple site locations you attend?

16th FEB 2022

If so, our multi-location feature is perfect for you for site induction.

Calm Inductions software is able to direct your management team across multiple site locations. Adding locations to a site is easier than you think. Rather than having to complete a manual induction, it's a case of simply pressing a button. Saving time and money!

Similar Inductions:

If your Induction is similar to another site, you can clone your site with the clone button. Most companies find that the information regarding site managers, fire procedures and staff facilities is the same across.

New Inductions:

If the Induction is new then follow the step by step guide and if needed you have the training video or the Calm Induction team for support. 

You can manage all of your locations from one central point. This makes it easy to keep track of what's going on at each individual site and makes communication between managers much easier. Plus, you can access real-time data to help make better business decisions.

Once you are happy with the induction, inviting inductees to complete their induction is effortless. Simply send a link by email or text to ask your inductees to complete their induction online prior to their arrival at work.

To make your site induction stand out to your employees, you can personalise your induction by including your logo, branded materials or company videos. With Calm Inductions you can ask for the relevant documents to be downloaded, it's so much quicker than having to take photocopies when arriving on-site and reducing your carbon footprint by storing documents in the cloud.

Calm Online site Inductions platform will send out an email if any of the documentation is due to expire, this reminds the inductee to update the details. These documents are validated by a member of the team. You can also add any company documentation that you require to be read, a date and time is logged for future reference.

To check the understanding of the inductee questions can be added throughout the inductions, if a question is answered incorrectly the section can be revisited. Once the induction is complete a pass is generated, this has a unique passcode and also has a map that gives directions to get to the site

The takeaway is, adding multiple locations to your work locations for employee inductions, is as easy as a few clicks. You keep everything on a secure database and even reduce paper usage across the board.

If you're interested in learning more about Calm Inductions' Online Induction platform, you can read more about the features here, or look at what's going on at Calm Inductions in our knowledge base

If this has piqued your interest today, you can contact us at 01642 903030, email us at [email protected] or fill out our online form.

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