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Site Specific inductions

Every site is different, and while a lot of the fundermentals are the same, it's important for each employee to understand the safety differences for each site they attend.

Site specific inductions allow you to outline all the unique aspects of a site and the expectations of the personnel on-site. While a lot of the induction content might be the same from one site to another, every site is different so it's important your induction matches.

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Calm Inductions offers two different types of induction, general and site specific induction

General Inductions

General inductions are a great way to introduce the company to new employees, highlighting key areas of information, introducing members of staff and informing the employee what is expected while they represent your company.

Site Inductions

Site inductions provide you with the opportunity to supply the employee with site-specific information, such as car park locations, fire procedures, site manager and many more aspects.

By splitting the inductions into two categories it means the employee doesn't receive duplicate data each time they complete an induction as the information is always unique to the site they are on. Request a demo and we'll show you around and see if its the system for you

An onsite induction can also be referred to as a contractor induction, which is a form of initial instruction that make workers familiar with a construction site or facility's layout and organisation, as well as their responsibilities. Particular focus is placed on ensuring that workers are aware of the safety requirements and procedures they must follow within the workplace, along with any other relevant safety information.

In most advanced jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, it is a legal requirement that organisations conduct onsite inductions for all new on-site workers.

The principal site operator is responsible for ensuring all employees receive proper inductions. This responsibility falls to the site owner or primary contractor.

Site inductions are introductions to workplace safety that cover all the general safety requirements employees need to know, rather than focusing on one specific area.

During an induction, workers are typically informed of primary hazards, emergency procedures, and housekeeping procedures. Inductions are also used to verify workers' skills, such as ensuring that a forklift driver or other heavy machine operator has the appropriate licenses to do so.

The induction process is more general and does not cover all aspects of safety with the level of depth or specificity that a worker needs to conduct tasks safely. Some workers may require further instruction or training in specific areas to become eligible to begin their particular roles.

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